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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> anyone from the public who wishes to speak. >> i want the transportation authority to look at in we talked about this but i'd like for them to implore funding for the key drive which is a project that i think costs a little bit over a million dollars. i actually have a cost estimate and a breakdown. and it's possible to look at the funds we have available to begin f that project for next focus year i'll be happy about that >> thank you. anyone from the public who wants to speak? seeing none, public comment closed >> item 10 public comment.
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>> we have one card anyone else please come forward. >> i want to touch the queens bridge and start by thanking staff. last time we were told that puc has no plans to vacant queens street. if you include the $3 million of the queen street track. the time has come to take a fresh look at the ocean study starting with the queen street underpass par this is what it says that the queen street bridge doesn't have the sufficient length. this presents a good opportunity
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to incorporate the proposed station requirements into the bridge. on this basis i hope this committee will recognize this extraordinary opportunity and focus on the efforts of the designs and starting with the queens bridge >> thank you, sir i will follow-up and make sure i'm checking in with staff so if appropriate that's brought forward. seeing no public we'll close >> next item is adjournment. >> thank you very much the meeting is adjourned
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>> commissioner harrison? >> here. >> commissioner martin? >> here. >> commissioner bonilla and levitan are not here yet. >> we'll look out for them. >> we would like to welcome everyone to the june 20, recreation and park commission, please note general public comment on items 4 and 9, please complete a blue speaker card. unless announced the chair, by the chair, you will have three minutes for comments. we ask that you silence all cell phones and any secondary conversations should we taken out of the room we are on item 2 president's report. >> thank you.
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>> i want to commend the parks alliance and rec and park staff and i thought it was productive and we kept the mayor's attention for more than his allotted hour, which was good and i just encourage you to do those community outreach efforts to communicate with the city. i thought it all went well, i know we'll have an item for meredith thomas, and so i will withhold my comments about that until then and that concludes my comments. >> is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed and we're on item , the general manager's report. >> good morning, commissioners, today is a busy day for the recreation and park department at city hall and in addition to today's commission meeting we're presenting our budget downstairs. and a number of other items, pieces of legislation,
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associated with the budget. so if i get up in the middle of this report, because i have been summoned down there. before i start, i want to wish you actually an early happy recreation and parks month. as you know, july is recreation and parks month in the united states of america. since 1985 america has celebrated july as the official recreation and parks month and we want everyone in san francisco talking about what they love about their recreation and parks and why it's so vital in their lives. so not only hosting the most exciting events of the year, america's cup and it will include the launch of the sf rec and park instagram photo contest and include a downloadable map, inviting visitors and several openings of our parks that i will highlight in a second. june was pretty good too. one of the most exciting events of
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this past month was the grand re-opening of [ lafayette park, where i had the pleasure of being joined by commissioners low and levitan and i number of long, long list of elected notables. the park has undergone a major facelift as part of the clean neighborhoods and parks bond and really one of san francisco's most beautiful parks. it's absolutely stunning, if you have not yet seen it. from the incredibly unique view at the summit of the park, to the remodeled playground, which natures the longest monkey bars in the united states of america, which i am proud to report. to a really well-designed dog run and beautiful landscapes and pathways throughout the park and restrooms. it was a tremendous job and i want to commend the entire project team, our friends the
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dpw, lindsey, the lead architect and our own mary hobson and the entire team really did a fabulous job. the park is actually a great example of the success between our department, and our friends groups. this effort and you will hear more about that from our good friends from mountain lake park, but the friends of lafayette park contributed through clean-ups and really this park project has really set the bar and we look forward to figuring out ways to surpass it. the 76th annual stern grove festival was kicked off this past sunday with the big picnic. and bob mcdonald and bos skaggs opened the season with an afternoon of food, music, dancing and more than 400 people attended the picnic and probably close to 10,000 people at the concert.
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i was one of them. celebrating father 's day with by own father and brother and families and spouses. it will provide the people of the bay area with admission-free access and i want to give a big shout out and thank you to the stern grove foundation and their executive director for their partnership. soccer usa will set up a tournament to raise awareness for homelessness and bridge the group and includes homeless teams from cities across the nation, playing and competing with corporate teams, and community teams including one from your very own recreation and park department. street soccer usa has provided programs and funds for players that have benefited -- what is going on today? that have benefited participants in a
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huge way, more than 90% of the players have positive outcomes of increased self-esteem, better emotional self-regulation and increased social network. 75% of street soccer players are connected with jobs, housing or a complete rehabilitation program within one year of joining the program and another example of your department using sports and we're grateful to the good folks the street soccer usa for their partnership. this is a national event. it is featured in times square in new york city and the west coast version is right here in justin herman plaza and will be very excited and we'll be there to kick it off saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. on july 24th as part of national parks and recreation month, the recreation and park department and labor union local 261 will be hosting the 5th annual william hamm awards at the golf course. the award exists to commend the
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outstanding work and dedication from our gardeners and to recognize excellence not only within the recreation and park department, but within the horticultural profession and this particular event we will also be celebrating the commencement of our first eight apprentices from our apprenticeship program. also in july, mark your calendars, the marina harbor grand re-opening, the san francisco marina renovation project consists of renovations to both of west and east harbors and the project includes waterside improvements over the entire 39-acre site and 12 of the land side acres. before the renovation the facilities existed in their configuration since 1963. the floating docks and gangways were made of timber and had degraded over time. ondock utilities had become obsolete. this grand re-opening july 11th
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has come with perfect timing amid the upcoming louis vuitton and will showcase san francisco as one of the most beautiful marinas in the world and i look forward to seeing you. the grand re-opening of cuyahoga park as part of the clean neighborhoods and parks bond they voted to allocate over $7 million to the revamp of the outer mission hidden gem and the park also offers visitors a clubhouse, children's grandstrand and a multi-purpose turf area u. one of the park's most interesting features and we have welcomed here at this commission is the story of its retired and long time gardener with the help of his handy chainsaw.
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visitors have come to the park to admire his work. he a professional to be clear and cuyahoga also opens in july. along with -- you think i am done, but i am not. mission pool grand re-opening, the highly anticipated pool will open to complete the renovation project. it's 456,000-square-feet pool was originally constructed in 1916, and is the only public outdoor pool in san francisco. offering a pool to learn to swim, recreational and lap-swim programs during the summer months and beyond. the pool has been completely transformed with new pool circulation system and pool deck. placing mission pool back as one of the most beautiful pools in san francisco, so the department and local community are very excited for this re-opening and the commencement
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of our pool programs in the mission. lastly, in october, the charles schwab cup championship will be coming to san francisco. it's the final event of the season on the u.s.-based championship tour for now professionals age 50 and above and it's the championship tour equivalent of the pga tours tour championship and formerly known as the senior tour championship. it is a small field of 30 and there is no cut. the top 30 money winners for each season make up the field and the winner of this tournament wins $2.5 million, commissioner buell, please grab your clubs. >> will do. >> the champions tour and charles schwab bring the viewing audience of millions. our park will be featured around the world and will bring incredible economic value to the city as a whole. that is a lot for july and
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believe it or not, i actually didn't even cover all of it. so since i saw her walk in, i would like meredith thomas to come join us at the podium, if you don't mind, meredith. [ applause ] so we just got very bittersweet word that meredith is moving on to other park endeavors closer to her home in east bay at mount diablo. meredith has been an incredible partner, both in her time at neighborhood parks council and now at the parks alliance, dating back almost ten years, meredith. you have been responsible -- i'm not even going to look at my notes and just talk to you directly. you have been responsible for so many of the success of the city's park system through your
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incredible passion and understanding of the important role that parks and recreation plays in this city, through your tireless advocacy, through your incredibly acute parks-focused public policy, and through your love of fun and joy and all that people love in their parks. you have been an incredible leader for san franciscoans in making sure that our parks are the world-class park system that they really need and deserve. and for me personally, this is incredibly bittersweet, because you and i, your tenure at neighborhood parks council as executive director started just at the same time that i started as general manager and we embarked on a path and a partnership to leveraging the non-profit and community-based advocacy of our park users for the betterment of our park system. and as i sit here today, i
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really, truly believe through our ups and downs, through some of the back and forth that inevitably happens through families with patrick goal our park system is so much better off because of our partnership and our partnership is better off because of you and i really mean that and i am sad and i think san francisco is losing a tremendous, tremendous park advocate, but because i have gotten to know you pretty well over the last several years, i am also incredibly happy four. foryou, this is an incredible chapter for you, living in the east bay and soon to be married and soon to embark on a new journey and chapter in your life and for that, i am superexcited for you and know that our loss is mount diablo and east bay's incredible gain. with that, commissioners, i would like to present it to you
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meredith, and they bely turn it over to you, because i know you like the last word. [ laughter ] a couple of certificates of honor and i will give both of these to our commissioner president to present to you. >> so as he brings these, let me add my comments as i have said from this podium, everybody has their opinions about parks and rarely do two people agree, but they all let us know, but on a consistent basis, i don't know there is a more passionate, informed or qualified advocate for the parks in san francisco than meredith and you will be sorely missed and the east bay is lucky to get you. but thank you for all you have done. now let me see what these wonderful things say. this is a certificate of honor presented to meredith thomas, whereas an behalf of the city and county of san francisco, i
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am pleased to recognize and honor meredith thomas the tremendous leadership you showed at the neighborhood park council and the most recently of the san francisco parks alliance has greatly contributed to the continuing stewardship and improvements of our city's parks and open space. your tireless dedication and advocacy in support of the 2008 and 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bonds has been truly commendable. there is no question that your hard work will continue to benefit many san franciscans for generations to come. thank you for your outstanding public service to our city, the environmental community and our parks, best wishes on all your future endeavors and this is signed edwin planning, m. lee, mayor of city and county of san francisco and the certificate of honor from the distinguished board of supervisors in san francisco.
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meredith thomas in recognition of your tremendous leadership in the neighborhood park council and most recently san francisco parks alliance the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco extends its highest commendations to you. ofor over a decade you have greatly contributed to the improvements of our city parks and open space. your tireless dedication and advocacy in support of the 2008 and 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bonds has been truly commendable. your hard work will continue to benefit many san franciscans for generations to come, signed in original form by all members of the board of supervisors. please let us present these to you. [ applause ] >> mr. president, if that weren't enough, i have a couple of other gifts for you, so you don't forget us. >> okay. >> one is a very coveted and
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usually only awarded to staff, the very coveted gm appreciation pin reminding you that i really do appreciate you. and two, perhaps a little bit more sexy, the very coveted rec and park vest. you may not need it -- you may not need it when it's 98 degrees in mount diablo, but you could save it for what you come visit, which i open is very often.
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[ applause ] . >> well, thank you very much. it's hard for me to know what to say, because usually i'm standing up here on behalf of something else and it's a little embarrassing to be here for this, but i really do appreciate it and thank you so much. so general manager ginsburg, all of the commission, commission president buell, i got a little overwhelmed when i came in here, knowing it would happen, but seeing joe from the san
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francisco zoo, and the reason why is that he hired me when i was 12. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so it was a few years ago and he is really a big part of the reason why i do this work. he really allowed me to find my place within the sort of urban environmental educational and conservation field and he is like a dad. and so it's kind of an unexpected full circle moment for me here and it just reinforces for me that i have made family here, and i really appreciate all of the hard work of the folks that spend their day working on our park system and it is harder than it should be. that is for sure. i don't think we spend enough time creating the space that we need, the quiet that we need to work together to make good, long-term decisions. i think too often we feel a lot of pressure to just decide
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things and move forward, and so i hope that as a city, in partnership with volunteers and stewards and the department and the board of supervisors and the mayor's office, and everybody else that goes into this making, there can be a continued sense of peace and honor around the decision-making for our park systems and that we really take seriously our jobs of protecting these places and providing for them well into future, well beyond our time here. i feel this has been a boot camp of sorts for me the last few years. i have learned a tremendous amount and i appreciate all of it. it was incredibly exciting for me, and i think i should thank isabelle wade for hiring me and turning the keys over, whether i liked it or not, to me, kind of pushed me out there. and so i also want to thank the staff of the parks alliance and the board of parks alliance, because we are really trying to
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make something that is really meaningful and supportive of our parks system and our parks users and i want to thank them for all of their hard work. i am going to the east bay and i am changing my name and turning off my work cell, but don't take it personally -- just kidding. it's time for me to do something else and work on large-scale land conservation in california, because it's close to my heart, but san francisco has been a very important part and the parks system has been the biggest thing in my life for the past 6, 7 years and i can't thank you enough for being part of it and working together even when things were tough. i really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> so we're going to conclude by showing our video this month in parks and then i would encourage anyone who is here for meredith during public comment, if there is anything
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that you would like to say, or toast her, it's certainly better than getting yelled at. thanks. [ [ laughter ]
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>> i want to thank jamie and marissa for preparing this month's video and that concludes the general manager's report. >> is there any public comment on this report? being none, public comment is closed. we're on item 4, general public comment and at this time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject-matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. is there anyone that wants to come up for general public comment? >> i would like to comment and give my thanks to meredith thomas, who was the inspiration for me to get much more
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involved in the parks. we had early work with npc, with her predecessor and when merdin came on board, it really upped my game. she is an inspiration and is level-headed and pointed out both sides of the issue and when i have been passionate and not as open-minded as i should be, she pointed out many areas that showed a different side to it and i'm truly going to miss her. because i think she represents everything that we, the public, volunteers, and park stewards, look for in terms of a voice for the community. and i just hope that whoever follows in her footsteps is able to fill her shoes and continue the work that has really made a difference, i think, in the community for the last ten years that i have known meredith. meredith, thank you. and i will miss you. thanks. >> thank you.
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>> hello commissioners, linda lighthowser, everything that my compatriot said doubles for me. meredith has been an incredible mentor. we look for her for guidance, help and clarity and she made things happen and always gave us so much pride in feeling like we were the soldiers out there in the field and we had the support of the commission and the department. and all of the other park advocates to work together as a real team. so i'm going to miss her terribly and i hold her as the person most responsible to getting to the point where we are now with the saturday in the park in mclaren
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and it's that kind of advocacy that has been so important. we miss her, but we're happy for her future, too. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is christina with the indian basin neighborhood association and i wanted to thank meredith thomas. as my fellow volunteers have said, it's so nice to work for parks after your day job to have somebody whose park advocacy is her day job and she was so effective and on behalf of the neighborhood association, for her tremendous advocacy of the blue-green way, particularly in indian